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Can Weather Affect your Health?

Can Weather Affect your Health?

Did you ever wonder why your body seems to react to the changing weather? The reason is that weather really affects your health. It’s particularly true here in Colorado, where the weather changes all the time! Winter days can get up to 60 degrees in the afternoon and drop to freezing by the evening – and summer is just as bad! Those days can be sunny and clear in the morning, then cool and rainy in the afternoon. The barometric changes of the weather can definitely affect your health. When it’s cold outside and the barometric pressure drops, your blood pressure can drop right along with it. Then on warm days when high-pressure systems occur, your blood pressure can be higher, too. The weather can affect everything from allergies to various other conditions in your body – whether it’s pre-existing, or a new illness or disease. Also, when it’s cold outside, your arteries tend to contract. That is why it’s so important to be careful if you have high blood pressure or cholesterol. Strenuous exercise, such as shoveling snow, can really be hazardous to your health! (There are actual studies of weather and your health – it’s the science called Biometeorology). For joint pain sufferers, the time preceding a storm, when the weather is changing can also create a problem. As pressure systems rise or fall, and storms move in, the fluid in your joints can thicken, making it more difficult to move. The weather can also affect diabetics, making blood sugar unstable, and even ADHD sufferers(attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) tend to suffer more, particularly in less sunny regions. This year in Colorado, the cold weather has been worse than we’ve seen in more than eight years. When the cold weather hits, your extremities, back and neck can, in fact, experience more pain, with more pain spikes, than any other time of year. It’s known as allodynia, which means that while a condition that doesn’t normally “hurt” (such as the cold weather) – it can still cause pain, simply by its presence. So, yes, weather really can affect you health! Here are a few things you might do to help relieve your muscles and/or prepare for an adjustment, especially when you’re experiencing pain (and during cold weather). Some tips include: Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can cause muscle cramps. Stay warm. Keeping warm will help your muscles relax. If...

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