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Drinking Water is Important for Health

Drinking water is very important for health. One of the more difficult things to understand for pain sufferers is that drinking water really makes a difference – it actually helps with the pain!  That’s because, when a body is dehydrated, muscles get tight and cramped, which in turn causes restricted motion. The tightness and restricted motion then causes inflammation, which can then lead to chronic pain!  It’s a vicious circle!

Anyone who suffers from chronic pain will notice an improvement in how they feel, with better hydration.  For the best results, it is recommended that we drink half of our body weight in ounces, every day.  That means that for every 100 pounds of body weight, 50 ounces of water (or just over 6 cups of water) should be consumed.  And if you’re working out on a regular basis, you should be drinking more than half!

It is also important to understand that proper hydration really means water – not coffee, not tea or some other liquid.  Pure, clean water is what you need for the best hydration!  The purity and alkalinity of the water you drink can also make a difference – but the main thing is to drink your water!  It may initially take some effort to make the commitment to drink it every day – especially if you aren’t used to monitoring your hydration – but it will become natural and easy over very little time!

Naturally flavored Ice cold lime raspberry mint water. Some people think using flavor packets in their water also makes it easier to drink, but the packets really aren’t very healthy – and they interfere with hydration.  Instead, try keeping filtered water in your refrigerator with sliced strawberries, cucumber or other fruits in it, for flavor.  This way, the juices will infuse into your cold, healthy water and provide a greater alternative to packaged flavor packets! You can learn how to make your own online! Jessica Fay has a great recipe for Lemon Cucumber Water and explains what it does and why here.


When illness and viruses hit, another rule my family always follows is to drink Alkaline water.  This helps to increase the pH balance of your body, and eliminate acidity.  Since most microorganisms, like bacteria, can thrive in acidic environments, the more of the alkaline water you drink – the lower your body’s acidic “environment” will be – the better your body’s pH – and the shorter the duration of the illness! 

No matter what water you choose to drink, drinking it is the important thing! Teach your family to drink water often, as well as with their meals.  It not only aids in digestion, but aids your immune system, too.  And remember – it’s really important to be well hydrated before you come in for an adjustment.  So, try to make sure you are well hydrated the day before – to ensure proper movement of your muscles and joints!

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