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Meet Dr. Chuck


Dr. Chuck Turkowski is a Doctor of Chiropractic care, and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience. He received his degree from chiropractic school in 2008, from Southern California’s University of Health Sciences, located in Riverside.

Before that time, Dr. Chuck was a painting contractor for 23 years, but he decided that the study and practice of chiropractic care was the road he wanted to travel. While owning his painting business, he was working long hours, and coming home in pain almost every day. He knew something to be done and he also knew that taking medication was not an option he wanted to exercise. With his Neuroscience Degree just hanging on the wall, it was a logical and heartfelt decision to make the move and dedicate himself to chiropractic care. He simply knew that he would be able to help so many people – who suffered from pain, much as he had!

Dr. Chuck already had two children at that time, and he knew it would be a difficult undertaking – not only for him, but also for his family. In spite of that hurdle, his passion to help and heal others drove him through college, and his training – supported by the love from his wife and family and friends.

After graduation, he went on to work in established offices, which helped him decide what type of practice he wanted to open – and he also served the people of Tecate, Mexico, with Healing Hands for Humanity. It was those experiences that led him here!

Dr. Chuck’s focus is on full body wellness – and overall health. He says, “There are no crazy, expensive treatments here; just a focus on spinal adjustments, like they did in the old days! We do what has worked for so many people in the past, and hold on to the belief that the treatment of our spines can heal many problems!”


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