cool spine responsive nervous system

Are you tired of Joint issues? Don't wait, find pain relief today! Walk-ins Welcome!


Walk in Clinic Hours:
Monday             Closed
Tuesday             10am-6pm
Wednesday       10am-6pm
Thursday           Closed
Friday                10am-6pm
Saturday            8am-12pm
Sunday               Closed
Call The office if you have any Questions
*Hours Subject to Change


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About Us

We are a Healing Hands Ministry. Our goal is to offer affordable Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapies for everyone. Our focus is skeletal and neuromuscular healing and maintenance.

We accept walk-ins and appointments. If you are in pain, don’t put it off, come in now.  If you or someone you know can not afford care we can help as well. 

Call today! (720) 400-6337.

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